Who we are


"La Goccia Bianca S.r.l." dairy was founded in 1987, thanks to an idea on the part of Mr. And Mrs. Imperati, and operates in the cheese and dairy sector, making products from semi-processed milk derivatives (raw butter and cream) and subsequently dealing in the import/export of milk, semi-processed dairy products and/or subproducts (curd, whey, cream, etc.).

Specifically, the company:

1. imports German pasteurised milk and collects raw milk from Sardinia or from the pastures in northern Italy and then sells it in the regions of central and southern Italy.
2. imports curd from • Germany
• Lithuania
• Poland
  and and resells it on the market in central and southern Italy.
3. collects whey cream (a residue from the processing of the dairy and cheese products concerned) from dairy concerns and industries.
4. resells the whey cream in Italy to industries equipped with melting equipment (pats of butter/butter oil)

In carrying out its activities, the company guarantees that its raw materials are carefully selected and its staff properly trained; we are therefore able to EXPORT years of tried and tested know-how to countries where such products and experience are lacking.